Anniversary and Special Events

Have you an important milestone like your 10th anniversary or your 50th birthday approaching and you wish to celebrate it in an epic way? I could help you create the most unbelievable night to party with your family and friends.
Enjoy the typical Italian atmosphere, either in a rustic barn, an elegant villa, a lemon garden or another spectacular setting. Be it a small group or a big one, we have something for you!  

A special day

Celebrate the most iconic pre-wedding party as you prepare to tie the knot. Lake Garda, with its many exclusive night clubs, boat parties, beautiful villas and relaxing spa centres, offers you many opportunities to celebrate your last night as a single. 

Memorable events need memorable ceremonies… I can help you create a special ceremony for a special day like a wedding anniversary, university graduation or career advancement. Do not forget birthdays… you can organize a surprise event for an important person.